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Who's A Badass

Sep 18, 2022

In this episode, Andre is joined by Jason Frank. Jason discovered a military intelligence operation dedicated to eradicating the evils of our planet and finally felt like this world was worth participating in and, most importantly, began a mission to save our children. He created a YouTube channel, Freedom Rings, to begin a journey in search of the truth. 

Together with his team, he shows us the actual cartel-owned ranches and the holes where the trafficking is happening. He tells stories of real-life experiences of rescuing trafficked women, children, and men, chasing “coyotes”, and a lot more. 

Tune in and witness the great things Jason and his team have been doing on the battlefield as part of God’s solution to these dark and evil problems.



“I got right with God. And then I got that relationship with the family right. And now, I can take all that and bring it back into the community.” - Jason Frank

“We got to get into solution. And the only way to the other side of stuff is through it.” - Jason Frank

“My only job is truth and transparency. God's in charge of the judgment and the accountability. ” - Jason Frank

“I don't have the fucking answers. I know. But together I know we can do better than they've been fucking doing… that I do know.” - Jason Frank



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Jason Frank’s phone number: 702-281-4227 


Show Notes:

(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:43) Greetings and episode introduction

(02:19) Jason’s background and why he’s doing what he’s doing now 

(10:55) Seeing the actual cartel-owned ranches where the trafficking is happening

(16:38) Being part of God’s solution

(17:34) Who’s doing anything about this problem

(19:02) Important information being blocked

(21:03) The evil concept of abortion

(23:25) Being on the border and helping the border patrols

(26:31) Why would New York Times run a hit piece on a topic like this?

(30:51) How you can support Jason in what he’s doing on the border

(33:16) Helping out trafficked women, children, and men

(37:54) What is a “coyote”

(40:20) Who’s legally responsible for the trafficked people and who can take them and provide shelter 

(45:01) Prayer for the people that are doing the hard work of protecting the people

(47:03) Human trafficking and all other evil works are real

(48:42) Doing good things and being part of the solution