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Who's A Badass

Feb 29, 2020

In this episode, Andre hosts a Q&A where people ask questions and share some insights on essential topics in business, beliefs, and life. He celebrates the importance of being social and the power that lies within conversations. 

So, let’s jump in now and join Andre Popa in this insightful discussion and gain valuable wisdom that will surely make you a Badass!


“What you put into your system, you're going to become.”

“The brain simply goes to work and it creates results based on the questions we ask.

“Slow down, allow quality to take it’s place, have a conversation with a human being ask the right questions”

“Most leads today will come through social media and in social media, our goal is to get people to know, like, and trust us.”

“Preparedness is So important when opportunity strikes.”

“Figure out what you want because once you figure out what you want, then that message will go out into the universe. And once that message goes in the universe, that's what you start to attract.”


NueroGym, by John Assaraf



Show Notes:

(01:14) Topics we talk about

(02:18) Preparation vs. the concept of manifestation

(05:06) Morning ritual

(11:13) Closed captions on videos

(13:23) Breaking prospects fear to get into business with you

(21:28) Being more focused on business operation

(24:41) What to do on 12:12 full moon on 12/12

(25:11) Building relationships with the leads first/ KLT

(27:04) Meeting new people in Social media per day

(31:02) Torn between new teachings and old religious views

(33:51) Shifting your belief factor to attract the people you want  

(35:30) How to get leads

(36:28) Leading with product vs. leading with business  

(41:26) Best ways to step up your vibration energy

(44:12) How to effectively speak with a cold lead  

(48:10) The concept of 2020 - Future based in energy

(52:13) The universe is simple   

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