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Who's A Badass

Feb 29, 2020

In this episode, Andre helps us understand how thoughts and emotions are connected and how we can be in control of what we think and feel, instead of being constantly pushed around by things that we think we don’t have power over.

Listen in now and learn how to take over the thoughts and emotions that drive you and be the captain of your ship making sure you’re heading to a place of love, happiness, peace, and freedom.


"Nobody has control over our emotions unless we give them power.”

What's amazing is the options that we have as human beings to control our thoughts and emotions.

“Life goes in the direction of our thoughts, words, and beliefs.”

“I believe that our belief system is the core of this universe, of this existence.”

“Your thought is the emotion that you're feeling.”

“What you resist will persist.”

Show Notes:

(01:18) Where do things begin?

(03:07) Who’s in control?  

(05:31) Why do we feel all those negative emotions?

(06:48) A belief system that governs everything

(11:49) How do we change the emotion? 

(14:22) We have the power

(18:33) Having bigger thoughts than the emotions

(24:03) Don’t resist what you’re feeling

(24:47) Laughter


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