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Who's A Badass

Sep 16, 2022

In this episode, we have Andre with us to talk about what the world is doing and what we're doing in with all this information and with all the chaos. Yes, we have to wake up to all the fuckery that has been happening in the world but we also need to remember to always focus on the solution and figure out our part in making our lives happy and free. Andre shares tips on where can we get “facts” and explained the value we get from self-development, so tune in now and get all these and more!



“With all the stuff that's happening in the world, there are good people and bad people.” 

“This thing that has been allowed to be brainwashed, to be mind-fucked, we now have to start taking responsibility for this. And this is my big message today, we have to wake up.” 

“God isn't evolution, God is in constant motion. Get in motion, do something.”

“In everything that we're doing, I'm requesting for all of us to go into a solution mode and talk about solutions.”

“What we do is up to us, what we think about is choice.”

“Start brainwashing yourself with solutions. And this is actually a really cool exercise to do in life, period.”

“You're alive today for a reason. God gave you breath today for a reason. What are you doing with it?”



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Group Coaching: 

Show Notes:

(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:42) Greetings and episode introduction

(04:30) The good people and the bad people

(06:40) Faith vs. facts

(09:17) Where can you get facts?

(16:25) The beautiful journey of waking up to the truth

(18:26) The collective consciousness of focusing on the solution 

(26:38) What we think about is our choice 

(28:56) You got to start seeing why

(32:51) Trump never left

(38:36) Start brainwashing yourself with solutions and do self-development

(41:44) You are alive today for a reason, go figure it out

(44:43) Updates and events announcements