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Who's A Badass

Feb 29, 2020

In this episode, Andre explains to us how the society and everything around us becomes a strong factor that controls how we see ourselves and eventually becomes the truth that we live by. How then can we go above these limitations and negative influences and really live a life that’s free and become who we really are made to be?

Let’s join Adre Popa as he teaches us the most powerful tool that breaks us free from what tries to contain us and helps us step into the place of freedom and happiness.


"When I create the story, when I create the belief factor, that there's truth over there, and this is false, now, that's on me. Now it's a choice.”

“As long as we give, and I say invest your energy into things, we get a return.”

“We are these phenomenal beings, of power, of light, of vibration, of sound. That's all we are.”

“If it feels bad, stop doing it. If it feels good, do more.”

“Every single second is worth so much and to be able to invest our moments with the right people, the right energy, the right information will bring you the right return.”



The Power Of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

Show Notes:

(00:25) The feeling of being not enough

(05:01) Choosing what to believe in

(05:20) Being brainwashed by what’s around us

(08:53) Investing our time and energy 

(09:58) The division factors

(13:13) Going back to the foundation of what we are

(17:13) A movement called self-development

(21:27) The idea of good and bad

(23:06) Becoming conscious of the present moment

(25:11) Breathing - the most powerful tool that we have

(32:11) “I am enough.”  

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